Melancholy clad in Black Metal – the classical way


FERNDAL started out in mid-2016 to claim their place in a long established black metal circus. Five musicians from throughout Germany gathered their professional mastery reaching from classical music to Black Metal. In their first two albums, they manifested their unique style entrenching the violoncello as an equally deployed instrument between two distorted guitars. Thus, FERNDAL creates sonic worlds seamlessly blending in premonitions from baroque grace or romantic melancholy in between a veil of pure black metal aggression. They are known for turning every stage into an infernal orchestra reaching out for every single black soul and not releasing the tight grip before the last note fades. And yet, the quintet is devising their third opus to deliver down to earth.

Ferndal are

Sorathiel – Vocals, Bass
Lestaya – Cello
Sethras – Guitar
Abarus – Guitar
Therac – Drums